There Is No Box

There is no box

[Dean Wesley Smith is right: Writing is supposed to be fun. Creativity thrives when your inner critic steps aside and lets loose the mind.]

Release the Kraken!

Let the little boy run through the meadow looking at butterflies and birds and soldiers with exotic laser rifles. Let the little girl race down the sidewalk on her tricycle shouting in delight at the baby dinosaurs.

The geese are growing and losing their down for adult feathers, and we sit stagnating and wondering what people will think and why nothing gets done.

“Just do it!” the little girl cries.

“Let it loose!” cries the little boy.

“Imagine!” they cry together. “Imagine everything!”

High above the city, on the fourth-to-last floor of the skyscraper, an ominous figure stands, hands clapsed behind her back, searching the horizon and nearby buildings below for evidence of something only she knows. Granted, she only appears ominous because she’s dressed in black and standing like every evil villain surveying his domain ever stood. You know the stance, or maybe you don’t. Rest assured, that was how she was standing: ominously, or giving the appearance of ominosity, which is probably not a word.

“There,” she whispers, or murmurs, or whatever verb you choose to describe a quiet exclamation under her breath. “I knew it would be there, somewhere, and there it is. Finally.”

What “it” is will have to wait.

Or no – here is what it is: Freedom. Imagination. The will to fly. Every soaring possibility. Every imaginable scenario. A journey outside The Box, because The Box is a construct of the mind. Don’t just “think outside the box” – recognize there is no box! Everything is possible – the power of the imagination is unlimited. So imagine!

Here is the dog with cat’s ears that operates a vehicle between dimensions and planets.

There is the eagle who flies on cosmic winds to reach the place where diamonds flow like water from a spring in the side of a mountain.

Here is the woman who stood in front of an army in defiance, raised her hand with an open palm, and in that gesture convinced them all to lay down their weapons and go home to their gardens and their spouses and their children and their pets.

Here is the communication device that allows us to talk with and write with and look in the eyes of our great-great-great-grandparents and our children’s children’s children and share our hopes and fears even though we don’t even know their names.

And over there in the corner is the dog wise beyond her years who laughs and laughs and laughs until she catches her breath and says, “You see? All of those worlds and all of those possibilities have been inside you all along – all you had to do was get out of your own way and let your imagine fly. Peace in our time? Done! Freedom to live your life as you see fit? Start living! Feed the world? Grab a serving spoon and dish out the meals! No boundaries, no fences, no pushing and pulling to grab a meager portion – life is a cornucopia, not a box.

“Share your mind, share your soul, drink it all in, give it all you have. Just imagine! Sing the song you heard in your dreams last night – cure all disease, defy age, grow your mind, stroke your pet rhinocerous, and jump into the sky and fly to New York with the passenger pigeon who escaped extinction after all!

“Get it started – get it done – and then keep going. It’s all there inside your head, and it’s all out here in the universe, sure as you fell asleep last night and woke up this morning and meet the day ahead so you can sleep comfortably tonight. Let loose the kraken – Seize the day and don’t wrestle it to the ground, release it to the sky, the unlimited beautiful infinite sky.”

– – – – –

Creativity log

Thursday, June 9, 2016: Krayatura 71/10,112; uploaded final ebook versions of Myke Phoenix 1-2-3, tinkered with Goombah cover and book release schedules, browsed cover art possibilities. One page in journal.