Intermission and log

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My intention is to retire from regular blogging for a while to concentrate on my other creative projects. I may post a more detailed update or random thoughts, but my central goal will be to keep a log of those projects and provide some self-accountability and a progress report. To that end I plan to pin this log to the top for the time being. Scroll down to browse past (and possible present) thoughts.

Sunday, May 15: Krayatura 1 – 620/8,066/60,000 (620 new words/8,066 to date/60,000 goal)

Monday, May 16: Krayatura 1 – 624/8,690/60,000

UPDATE: One of my handful of actual regular readers takes issue with the idea that I retire from regular blogging while concentrating on other creative projects. I appreciate the thought, and I probably can indeed simultaneously walk and chew gum, so this log hereby migrates to the bottom of my regular blog posts. Thank you for the kick in the ass, Orlin.


2 thoughts on “Intermission and log

  1. Will the blurb under the blogs title (“Fragments of thought and bursts of creativity from the author …”) be changed to reflect the new purpose (“,,,self-accountability and a progress report.”) as you work toward adding 52,000 words?

    Is this, “Sunday, May 15: Krayatura 1 – 620/8,066/60,000 (620 new words/8,066 to date/60,000 goal)” what long time readers of this blog should expect to see here for the unforeseeable future?

    And this is the reader’s reward as a result of another broken promise you had promised to keep?


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