Choose and move on

what if it was all up to you

Emerging from the fog that is The Bug I’ve fought for a week, I see I stand at the edge of a meadow – not a meadow so much for it’s been mowed into submission – a field of grass, then – and with the urge to run, I have so many choices.

I may run directly across the field, run to the left, run to the right, at any angle, or zig and zag, or zig more than zag, or zag more than zig, or turn around and run back through the wilderness whence I came – so many choices that with ease I can fall into inertia, paralyzed by needing to make a choice at all, and the inertia is its own choice, leaving all sitting in frustration.

Choose and move on – choose and move on – whether it was “the” right choice will never be known, but it is the choice you make now.

Own the choice and move on – there’ll be another choice looming on the horizon. Own the choice knowing it is a better choice than wallowing in your doubt.