An appeal to writers

appeal to writers

A course of action. A call to action:

Writers write. So, write.

Write like the wind. Write as if your life and happiness depended on it, because it does.

Write wonderful stories (stories that are full of wonder). Write words of encouragement. Sound the alarm, comfort the afflicted, afflict the comfortable.

Let words flow, no, let words gush from your heart and your hands and your mind until you are tired of seeing your own voice, and then write more – more words, words with meaning, the words of your life.

Don’t worry whether anyone will read them.

Don’t worry whether anyone will hear.

The only certainty is if you don’t use your voice, there will be nothing to read, nothing to hear.

So, write – speak – shout. Get busy.

See what happens next.


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  1. Very inspiring. During wonderful wanderings through fields and forests, I wonder, as I wander, if I sometimes make mountains out of the pitcher’s mounds of life?

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