Birthday sprint


What is this process, anyway, this download of words and random thoughts from my mind – any mind – what are we really sharing? Will I even think the same way in 5 minutes – 5 months – 5 years? Maybe, maybe not.

This is just a snapshot of where my mind was one warmish morning in March, nearly 63 years after my birth. Hello, future self! Hello, someone I never realized would read this! What is it I did by running this pen over this paper, then typing these words over onto a computer screen and shipping it out to the world?

Did I step on a butterfly 60 million years ago? Or am I just a tree that was going to rot, fall over and kill a T-rex about now anyway?

What is it about stories/novels/movies that touch us, and why do we go back to hear/read/see the stories again and be touched in a new and different way?

The difference between the first reading and the latest is a measure of where we have gone in the meantime. What we are now is not who we were. But it is, too.


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