Make your deadline

Make your deadlinesDeadline. What a perfect word: The line at which you become dead. After the deadline, it is too late. You can say no more, your work is done, whether or not you said everything you hoped to say or share.

The good news is you usually have another opportunity, which has its own new deadline. But this opportunity, this deadline, has come and gone. You can only hope you said and did enough.

The final deadline does not have a set time – well, it does, but it is not ours to know, precisely. We each reach a time when we can say and share no more, and we hope we have completed what we hope to complete by then.

I suspect we all come to that spot thinking, “Oh, I could have said this one more thing,” just as we do when we reach our arbitrary deadlines. But the deadline arrives, and we have done all we can, by definition.

Was it enough? That’s for someone else to say.

The best anyone can do it to make our deadlines.