Seeking the Kingdom of Else


What if enough is enough? What if the journey is the point?

The word else springs from the Middle English word elles – or is it German or Danish or Norwegian or ancient Greek? – meaning “other, otherwise, different,” if I can trust the sources of wiki and the Internet.

Wanting something else is instinctive. We mostly all want to improve our lot, leave our mark on the land and the world, shape it into our image or at least leave evidence that we were here.

But when the mission is accomplished – if it ever is – it’s not enough. And we choose another “something else” to pursue.

What if the mission itself was imaginary? What if the work was just busy work?

Everyone rushing around with a mission, everyone running and flying around with a place to go, trying to get to Somewhere Else – What if the real purpose is right here, in this place? What if we stopped chasing after ghosts?

Or perhaps after all, it is enough – when we realize we were changing ourselves into Some One Else, a someone who accepts him/herself and gets comfortable in the skin that was there all along.