On beyond fear mongering

IMG_1653Fear of the unknown has driven the world far too long. Knowledge is power, and so much knowledge is now available to all of us, albeit often couched in words of fear and loathing.

I hear the politicians with their promises and their appeals to our fear. Where is the optimism — the encouragement to be and do the best we can? All of these folks seem to appeal to the darkest interests. They imply that you don’t have the power to improve your own lot, because these external forces — those others — are conspiring to bring you down.


The power is in our own hearts and hands and minds and souls. Each life — your life, your neighbor’s life, those other people’s lives — is a universe. Each of us holds the power. It is a scary thought, and it is not scary. More like awe.

What if we tapped the energy we use to be afraid and channeled it into awe and inspiration? What if the things we fear never happen anyway? What if the people we fear are just people with the same worries and fears and insecurities that we feel? What if there is more to unite us than to divide us? What if the world is a big, beautiful, inspiring place instead of a narrow, ugly, claustrophobic den of fear?

Optimism is a choice. Pessimism is a choice. We choose to hate and fear The Other. We can choose to love and embrace just as well.

The devious and the haters do exist. But so many more of us put our honesty and our love forward every day, every hour.

I choose to think I will accomplish much today. I choose to believe the barriers are self-made, not imposed by Someone Else. I choose to take down those barriers and proceed.

You have the same choices. Move beyond the fear, and choose awe and empowerment. And off we go.