Mychus the Brave

99368-cover-dinosaur[In 25 years of writing about Myke Phoenix, first for myself and later for public consumption, I never wrote a word about Mychus himself, the ancient warrior whose body is inhabited by the soul of Paul Phillips when the need arises – or about his daughter, Mychala, whose body is inhabited by the soul of Terrie Travers when need be. And then one morning not long ago …]

Mychus the Brave watched his daughter in the field. Her lithe moves reminded him of his own quickness and strength from another time. His heart swelled with pride, and then he sighed.

“I wanted to make her safe. I wanted to remake the world so she would not have to fight and the Forces of Evil in the World were vanquished.”

But there will be evil as long as men’s hearts beat. The balance between good and evil will be waged to eternity, for we are built with a mind and spirit that find pleasure in giving and receiving – and the nature that wants to take is sometimes more powerful than the instinct to give.

Only with wisdom do we learn that the key to a full life is to give more than you receive, because the giving opens the door to the gifts. He who delights in giving without a thought to receiving shall receive a hundredfold or more.

But that is not a concept grasped fully by many, and so there will always be those who delight only in taking, in receiving – and for that reason there will always be a need for a seeker of justice, a Mychus – and now, a Mychala.

“She may be a mightier warrior than I in her time.”

She may indeed – imagine if by some miracle you and she could fight together, both in your prime.

“Imagine indeed. Imagine such a miracle.”

The Adventures of Myke and Mykala Phoenix – and their closest friends and allies: A chemist talking duck man, a marketing business woman, and a forensic pathologist.