Make something. Just make it.

make somethingPay no attention to the metrics and the analytics of your blog or your art. The time and place of the creation is the time to focus on creating, putting it down, getting it out. The audience will find it in its time.

Your role in the creation is to create. Time enough later to shape the unfinished corners and incomplete sections into a whole.

Fear not that you seem to be working alone in the dark. All of us begin alone in the dark, until the light finds us – or we find the light.

Sing. Shout. Whisper. Hum. Whistle. Garden. Sculpt. Paint. But get it out somehow, the music of your soul.

As primal as the need to eat is the need to create. A million million souls all yearning – no, needing – to create, not needing to be heard although we hear them, not merely to be seen although we see them.

No, the need to create is all that must be fulfilled to complete the urge – the standing back in satisfaction to say quietly, “I made this,” and if the making was fine enough this time, to say it louder, to shout it or to sing it: “I made this!”

We were given fingers, hands, minds, souls designed for making. And we never feel quite complete until we make something.