Every step is a nano-journey

a series of nano-journeysIt all seemed so clear. The path was laid out. He saw the man he needed to be. He felt the right words form in his head, and his heart responded.

He saw the expressions of understanding on other faces, the nodding heads, the palpable excitement of joining together on a path of peace and prosperity and doing the right thing. All he had to do was follow the path and improve his life and the lives of all he knew and encountered.

And then he sighed and stay fixed in his chair, knowing he had to get going but not going anywhere. Just another job to do first, just a few more tweaks to the idea, just a few more minutes or hours of sleep, and the moment passed. The status quo would do for now. Wouldn’t it?

He closed his eyes and held the coffee cup in both hands, mentally flipping the files around, turning pages, looking for – what WAS he looking for? the train of thought that would get him back on track? the project he knew was best suited for this moment, these circumstances? Did he want to do anything at all but to savor the moment, appreciate the journey that took him to this place and this time of contemplation?

Some moments were pregnant with the excitement of beginning, others were filled with the exhausted satisfaction or the frustration of a completed task or an uncompleted mission.

A beginning, a journey and a resolution: Everything had those three components. He savored the start and the finish but had little memory of the journey – what he needed was to savor the long in-between where the beginning was past and the finish was still to come, because the long in-between was where we spend most of our lives.

The solution was as simple as thinking of it as a series of nano-journeys. Every step has a beginning and an end – literally every step.

He could savor every single step when he thought of it that way: Here is the rising out of the chair – I’m up! Here is the walk to the door – I’ve arrived at the door! Here is the opening of the door and the step outside – I’m on my way!