The changing of the blog

the changing of the blogWell, isn’t this something.

Welcome to the new After nearly 10 years in Blogger, I have moved over to the WordPress platform. (Of course, if you are arriving here from my future, you can’t really see the difference because of the magic of blog importation. All of the Blogger posts from this blog have been imported into the WordPress version.)

The change is cosmetic, and it is not. For one thing, it reflects that I’m merging my interests – blogging, writing fiction, podcasting – into one place. (Yes, that may have been a reference to perhaps rebooting Uncle Warren’s Attic in some way. Maybe. But the main point is you’ll find any such reboot here.)

I continue to follow the process I wrote about in my post “What am I doing”: I awake each morning, scribble some thoughts down, and at some point in the future transcribe and revise into these random musings. Except this post. I’m typing it directly into the computer. For what that’s worth.

I would dearly love that we get to know each other better and that you will at some point be motivated to purchase one of the books I offer for sale (see the links at the top of the page) and that you’ll enjoy that experience so much that you purchase others. But that’s not the first purpose of this little place on the web. In the end – in the beginning? – it’s a web log to store these musings.

In that sense the change is cosmetic. In the sense that it is not, I aim to be more deliberate in tending this blog and its ancillary pages. I aim to have a new post every weekday; the posts will vary from fragments of thought to bursts of creativity to plugs for my commercial efforts, but I aim to have something new here each day, Monday through Friday.

I hope to encourage, to motivate, to inform, to entertain. I hope we have fun together. I hope you’ll tag along and let me know what you think, either via comments or the “Contact Me” link above.

Calling the blog “” seems a bit pretentious to me. I’ve experimented with other titles and tried to think of new ones, but I finally realized that the pretentious is also the practical. It’s my name, and if people are looking for me they’ll enter my name into the search engine of their choice, or maybe they’ll just see what happens by adding “dot com” to my name. And so,

And so, here I am and here we are in a new playground. I’ve been tinkering around the edges and will continue to do so – if you’re reading this in August 2015 you’ll find “page under construction” notices in a couple of places.

So, I’ll see you tomorrow! Have fun in the meantime.