Happy birthday from me


I haven’t taken the guitar(s) off the wall a half-dozen times since we moved into our new house a year and a half ago, and as I marked the end of my 61st cycle of seasons Saturday morning, I found myself listening to the homemade recordings I’ve made through the years with those guitars.

Once I fancied myself an up-and-coming singer-songwriter, but there’s something about being a musician that I never quite mastered, summed up by the observation that if you’re not living it and practicing hard every day, you’re talking about a hobby, not a vocation.


Every so often the passion would catch me, and I’d write some songs, then sit down with a tape recorder (or, in recent years, a computer) and make an “album.” I’ve made a couple of dozen of these albums since the fever first hit around 1973, although just four in the last 20 years. Most recently, after a burst of musical creativity in 2009, I put 12 new songs together and actually put the album, Ten Thousand Days, out for sale, with mixed results. Rightfully mixed: It’s a homemade album. Professional musicians would call these demos. Music is a hobby for me.


But I like some of these songs and albums, and I just enjoy sharing them and saying, “Hey, listen to this.” So here they are, or at least two of my favorites and a “greatest hits” collection. Buy my books and stories and newspapers; these are for fun and my gift to you.

The Will to Fly: A w.p. bluhm collection
Or find the individual tracks here

Ten Thousand Days (2010)

Watershed (1985)
Liner notes and some individual tracks here.